Entre el fervor y la fanfarria. 2013-2015, Site specific installation. Confetti, carpet, balloons, air compressor, video loop and sound.
Entre el fervor y la fanfarria. (Between the fanfare and the fervor) takes as its starting point the fervor, fanaticism and collective / cultural activities in Puerto Rico. Between 1824 and 1837 ruled the Island, Don Miguel de la Torre, who established the policy of “dancing, drinking and playing cards” to prevent protests and revolutionary ideas, as he said: “people having fun do not think of conspiracy”.
The video, Soplando con fervor (Fanfare) presents in the foreground a red balloon inflating and deflating at the same time that is manipulated with the intention of creating distorted and ambiguous sounds concerning the cultural hubbub, shouting, celebration and fanaticism. The action emphasises sound as abstracted phenomenon festive context, highlighting the ambiguity of the sound / cry, the relation of body and the breath, and the act of uncontrolled fervor purposeless, practiced as a “modus vivendi” of a culture where any political act or social manifestation can become deafening.
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