hacer sonar el Sol (sound metaphor for a measurement of light). Mixed media (aluminum plate, light source, loudspeakers, custom data). Variable measures. 2021.
hacer sonar el Sol, explores the possibility of translating into sound the spectrum of the wavelength of light (nm) and the intensity of the reflected light, as a sound metaphor for sunrise/sunset. The colors and sound in the installation are determined by the data obtained from the measurement of the spectrum of sunlight reflected on the aluminum plate. The data of the wavelength of light (nm) obtained from the spectrometer is translated into sound frequency (Hz) and a custom application interprets the database and re-synthesized it as an evolving piece of sound constrained to the audible spectrum combining frequencies in Hz and MIDI tones.
The installation was developed during an artistic residency at the UAGM Museum in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.
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