sílabo + lecturas (disponibles en el salón + "drive")  
__ artistas
_Beatriz Santiago Muños
Pipilotti Rist– single-channel/installation
Tony Oursler – video installation
Jim Campbell – electronic video installation
Lynn Horseman – video / performance / net / interactive
Toni Dove – interactive narrative films
Zoe Beloff – interactive and obsolete
Alan Rath – sculptural video
Gary Hill – sculptural video /installations
Kristin Lucas – performance / video / technology
INVERTIGO – hybrid video/web installation by Sawad Brooks + Christa Erickson + Beth Stryker
Julia Scher – webart / installation / securitycam
WAXweb – by David Blair et al (One of the first artist websites [1993] and first movie streamed across the internet)
__ referencias técnicas + 
Glossary of common video terms
Optical vs. digital zoom
Time-lapse basics: three ways to create your video
Master your iPhone settings for boastfully beautiful videos

>> Premiere CS6 >>

>> iluminación + corrección de color >>
Do more with your DSLR I: Working with available light
Light 'Em Up: Basic Lights 
15 essential color-editing terms, defined 
Make your videos pop with color correction perfection

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